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Paul Williams

Composer Paul Williams seated at his grand piano on which is a vase of red roses Composer Paul Williams seated at his grand piano on which is a vase of red roses

Paul Williams is one of the UK’s most skilled and versatile melodic composers of instrumentals and songs, with a wealth of experience in many commercial genres.

Paul has a great knowledge of harmony and melody, writing music suitable to a wide range of media.

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Floral design album cover for Nature Textures Romance Piano by Paul Williams

Nature Textures Romance

Album cover with grand piano on white background for Minimal Piano featuring compositions by Paul Williams

Minimal Piano

Gypsy Jazz album cover with gypsy caravan on blue and green  background

Gypsy Jazz

Sentimental Love Songs album cover, silhouettes of lovers kissing and heart motif

Sentimental Lovesongs

Pale blue and pink album cover with abstract sculpture and collage

The Wasted Lands

Headline News album cover, key words behind chainlink fence on white background

Headline News

A selection of library albums featuring music by Paul Williams

Advertising and Production Music

Paul Williams’ production music credits include 18 albums for Universal Production Music and Warner Chappell Music, such as The Piano Sessions, and albums for Vibrant Music and Soho Production Music, including Essential Songbook 1, Song Jukebox and Gypsy Jazz. He won the 2014 Library Music Awards’ Best Track for Black Treacle (Squirky Music Publishing).

Paul’s compositions in current advertising and commercials include Doritos Crisps (Fuego de passion, Soho Production Music, 2016), Sephora Holiday Packaging, Dalani Home Living (Flipper Music), and Lil Pepsi Have Some Fun This Halloween.

Doritos ‘For the Bold’

Dalani ‘Love Your Home’

Pepsi ‘Little Pepsis’

Sephora Holiday Packaging


Paul’s music is featured in a host of Hollywood movies including Deep Impact, Crocodile Dundee and Wedding Date as well as major international commercials and extensively on BBC2 TV.

Deep Impact, starring Téa Leoni

Crocodile Dundee DVD cover with actor Paul Hogan in futurist urban landscape with grasses behind

Samantha’s Theme

Everybody Wins DVD cover, Debra Winger next to shutters and Nick Nolte through Venetian blinds

Harmonium music

Deep Impact DVD cover with bright orange image of asteroid striking a city and couple embracing

Grosvenor House (instrumental)

Incir Receli 2 DVD cover with male actor at top, title in middle and female actor at bottom in urban settings at night

That Summertime (writing as Terry Day)

DVD cover with three male actors against green background, Christmas decorations and title below

Wonderful Christmastime

DVD cover with young couple in formal wear at a wedding table set with flowers and glasses of wine

Grosvenor House (instrumental)

Jazzy Lovesongs

More Paul Williams Music on Soundcloud

There’s lots more of Paul’s multi-genre music over on Soundcloud. Have a listen here: 

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Portrait of London-based composer Paul Williams at the Keyboard of his grand piano ortrait of London-based composer Paul Williams at the Keyboard of his grand piano

View of composer Paul William's piano keyboard showing one octave above middle C Composer Paul William's piano keyboard detail, one octave above middle C
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Paul Williams

Paul Williams trained at the Royal College of Music and at Jesus College, Cambridge University. He has published over 3000 works, often working to tight budgets. Much of his music is Production/Library based and can be found in the catalogues of Universal Production Music (UPPM), Warner Chappell, APM, Soho Production Music Amphonic, Gung Ho, Squirky and BMG/Vibrant, sometimes writing under pen names Terry Day and Jason Mason. In 2016 he won Best Wildcard Library track at the Library Music Awards and has also won a Buma/Stemra award.

Demis Roussos recorded and released Paul's Emotions and Memories and Song Without End. Paul's Grosvenor House features in the film ‘Deep Impact’ along with many other film placements.

Paul also worked at BBC radio and was involved with producing Sony Award winning musical documentaries with John Lennon, Elton John, and Paul McCartney. He has produced BBC tracks by Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. As a member of the band Nowomowa, Paul composed and recorded with Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music on the seminal album The Wasted Lands.

Paul records at his state-of-the-art studio in Cheam, Surrey.

Paul is an accomplished jazz and big band pianist, playing regularly with top session musicians.