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Jazz singer at the Naked Turtle, Richmond, UK


If you’re lucky, you can sometimes catch Paul Williams playing jazz piano at the famous Naked Turtle, in East Sheen Richmond.

Paul Williams, Composer

Paul Williams specialises in production music for film, television and commercials.

An experienced composer and musician, he studied at the Royal College of Music then read Music at Cambridge University, where he gained an M.A.

Composing since the age of eight, Paul has developed serious keyboard skills, playing instruments such as the Blüthner Grand, Kurzweil 2500 and working with the Vienna Symphonic System.

He works with numerous bands and orchestras as a session musician, and has recorded an album with
extrnal link icon Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music fame.

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Paul is a great melodist and is able to apply his talents to any film or drama scenario. His compositions range from dramatic and horror music through the romantic to a contemporary idiosyncratic style suitable for advertising and stings.

Here’s a selection of Paul’s multi-genre composing skills:

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For sample commercial tracks visit Instrumental Music; for jazz and pop tunes, visit Songs.


Paul composes for major international publishing companies, including Amphonic Music, Carlin Music, Parry Music Library and Universal Production Music and is a director with colleagues Andy Grossart and John Burns of Funtastik Production Music with over 2000 titles to his credit.

Paul also worked for the BBC with major production credits and three Sony Awards plus a STEMRA Best Composer Award.

All works herein are the international copyright of Paul Williams and the respective publishers.


Paul has a state of the art studio, including the latest samples and facilities built around a Mackie 8-bus 56 channel digital mixing desk with Radar 24 track hard disk recording, Lexicon 480L and Akai 5000 samplers.